Welcome to the Chauvel Cinema website – a movie/book/location blog. It highlights the places where Charles Chauvel’s films were made, and the biography I am completing; “The Life and Cinema of Charles Chauvel”.

There were many feature films made in Australia from 20’s to the late 50’s, the forerunners who ‘blazed the trail’ for today’s Australian Film Industry; my father, Charles Chauvel was one of them. He and my mother, Elsa, formed a unique husband-and-wife working partnership that made a significant contribution to the Australian Film Industry.  more… >

Charles Chauvel made his feature films in many parts of Australia, some becoming part of the local folklore. Chauvel was passionately Australian and known to have a keen sense of place. Follow with me his unique film making trail, as we find some of these places. I hope to change the location every two months, with a new  story and photos. Who knows? You might find a movie had been made in your district/town or patch of country, and is now part of our cinema history. — Susanne Chauvel Carlsson

Ken G Hall Film Preservation Award 2012

Susanne Chauvel Carlsson (1930-2013) was 2012’s recipient of our Ken G Hall Film Preservation Award. Read more about her preservation efforts and her parents’ legacy.